MOSCOW, RUSSIA — United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) of Russia is planning to create a new manufacturing hub in Voronezh, which will primarily focus on the construction of engine nacelles for the Aviadvigatel PD-14 and PD-8 powerplants.

These powerplants have been specifically designed to be incorporated into the Irkut MC-21 and SSJ-New aviation programs.

According to UAC, its Ilyushin unit has successfully brokered a deal with the Voronezh regional government about this project.

Daniil Brenerman, the head of Ilyushin, points out the significance of expanding their production capabilities, as well as constructing a new nacelle production center, considering the escalating manufacturing of Russian aircraft equipped with domestic engines.

Brenerman mentions that VASO is currently in the process of manufacturing PD-14 nacelles, and the production of PD-8 structures is set to commence soon.

The proposed manufacturing center – spanning an area of 67,000 square meters – is expected to be situated at the Maslovsky industrial park, which lies south of VASO's aircraft assembly plant in the city, with a projected completion date in 2026.

UAC discloses that the funding for this project will be sourced from a blend of government funds and extra-budgetary investments. The center will introduce new facilities capable of managing composite materials, adopt digital 3D modeling, and provide over 500 fresh employment opportunities.

"This venture carries substantial weight in the industrial advancement of our region, and it's a top priority," Voronezh governor Alexander Gusev stated. He also confirmed that a suitable plot of land fitting the project's technical requirements has been identified.