AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS — Charter flight provider Transavia has announced the cancellation of an additional 331 flights in June, attributing this to an ongoing scarcity of aircraft and issues related to maintenance.

The airline stated that 5% of the planned flights for June will not be carried out, and that further reductions are probable for the months of July and August. As per the Transavia website, passengers impacted by these changes scheduled later in the summer will receive updates by May 25.

Fully cognizant of the ramifications, the company acknowledged, "We understand completely that this action will disrupt travel plans. We apologize for this frustrating situation," as quoted on their website.

Previously, Transavia cancelled 42 flights departing from Amsterdam, Eindhoven, and Rotterdam airports to destinations in southern Europe during May.

At the time of these cancellations, the airline assured that it had discovered a "reasonable alternative" for most of the passengers impacted.

On Tuesday, the Dutch aviation mechanics union, Nederlandse Vakbond van Luchtvaarttechnici, informed the Dutch newspaper Telegraaf that to prevent further disruptions, the airline needs to increase its technical support staff by 20%.

The spokesperson also noted that KLM is facing a similar situation, experiencing a shortage of skilled engineers, which will also necessitate reductions.