TAIPEI, TAIWAN — The Chief Executive Officer of Starlux Airlines, Chang Kuo-wei, may be facing a substantial penalty for permitting well-known YouTuber and Aviation Journalist Sam Chui to tour the cockpit, albeit during ground activities. 

As well as being the founder and CEO, Chang was also the pilot for the airline's inaugural journey from Taipei, Taiwan, to Los Angeles, California in the United States, which took place at the end of April 2023.

Aboard the aircraft were members of the media and online influencers, including Sam Chui who hosts a popular YouTube channel boasting three million subscribers.

The incident of Sam Chui's cockpit visit has captured the interest of Taiwan's Civil Aeronautics Administration. It has been reported that the organization's director, Lin Kuo-shian, has summoned the director of flight operations at Starlux for an explanation.

Should the authorities conclude that Mr. Chang Kuo-wei violated the rules, he could be penalized with a fine in the ballpark of NT$60,000 (€ 1815), as reported by Simple Flying. Should a second violation occur, a heftier fine of approximately £16,000 (€18400) could be imposed.

The policy of levying fines for permitting passengers to tour the cockpit even during ground operations may seem overly rigid. However, prioritizing safety and security in the aviation industry is critical. If a country's regulator prohibits passengers from visiting the cockpit, even when on the ground, it is crucial for airlines to adhere to these regulations.

image credits: Sam Chui