MOSCOW, RUSSIA — United Engine's subsidiary, Klimov, has set its sights on manufacturing multiple engines this year for the high-speed flight testing of the Ilyushin Il-114-300.

Rosaviatsia, the Russian federal air transport authority, recently approved the Klimov TV7-117ST-01 engine to operate at altitudes of 6,000 meters (19,700 feet) and speeds of up to 297 knots. These conditions mirror the next stage of flight testing planned for the Il-114-300, a modernized variant of the Il-114 twin-turboprop aircraft.

Klimov's general designer, Vsevolod Eliseev, shared that the company is supplying six additional powerplants for the project – two initial backup engines for the flight tests, plus four more for extended testing by the end of the year.

"Based on their results, a decision will be made to start serial production," stated the company.

Rosaviatsia awarded certification to the TV7-117ST-01 in December of last year, following Klimov's completion of 150 hours of testing in the preceding month.

Klimov notes that the engine can provide a take-off thrust of 3,100 horsepower, and boasts "best-in-class fuel efficiency."

The powerplant is equipped with a digital engine control and is paired with a six-bladed AB112-114 propeller.

Meanwhile, United Engine is working on a derivative of the engine, known as the TV-117ST-02, which is intended for a new regional twin-turboprop, the UZGA TVRS-44 Ladoga.