MOSCOW, RUSSIA, — Russian state technology firm Rostec is set to showcase the first core of the high-thrust Aviadvigatel PD-35 powerplant at the MAKS Moscow air show.

The PD-35 is being developed as part of the engine family that also includes the PD-14 for the Irkut MC-21 and the PD-8 for the Superjet variant, known as the SSJ-New.

Rostec plans to exhibit the PD-35's gas generator, comprising the high-pressure compressor, combustion chamber, and high-pressure turbine, at the July event. The company notes that this component is responsible for driving the powerplant.

Featuring a fan diameter of over 3 meters, the PD-35 is designed to power long-haul passenger aircraft and military transports. The Russian government has hinted that the CRAIC CR929 long-haul twinjet, being jointly developed with China, could utilize the PD-35 engine. Additionally, the powerplant may be employed for a potential successor to the Antonov An-124.