DOHA, QATAR — Qatar Airways has welcomed a second Boeing 737 Max 8 to its fleet and plans to introduce seven more by the end of July. The Middle Eastern airline took possession of its first Max 8 in mid-April, seizing an opportunity to incorporate a group of the twinjets into its fleet.

Since then, Qatar Airways has equipped the aircraft with streaming in-flight entertainment and conducted pilot-training programs. The airline aims to leverage the Max 8s to increase capacity and fuel future growth, particularly in short-haul markets.

Currently operating on the Doha-Kuwait route, the Max 8s will primarily serve other sectors within the Gulf Cooperation Council states. Qatar Airways highlights the modern and efficient nature of these aircraft as a valuable addition to its narrowbody fleet, supporting sustainable expansion plans.

The airline also has 25 larger 737 Max 10s on order, which share several operational synergies with the Max 8s, such as pilot training and ground-handling. However, the Max 10s will feature different amenities, including an alternative in-flight entertainment system.