CALGARY, CANADA — In a move that could potentially disrupt travel plans during the upcoming Victoria Day holiday, pilots at WestJet Group issued a strike notice on Monday. 

The notice stipulates that if no progress is made in their ongoing negotiations, they may commence strike action as early as May 19th, 2023.

"Today the WestJet Pilots MEC (Master Executive Council) issued a 72 hours strike notice. If no progress is made, we could withdraw our services at 0300 MT May 19th, 2023. Our negotiating committee remains available 24/7 to reach a deal," announced the WestJet ALPA Pilots union via a tweet.

In response to this ultimatum, WestJet has issued a lockout notice. The airline confirmed that a work stoppage could indeed occur on May 19th, the date put forward by the pilots' union.

The core of the dispute revolves around wage increases and improved scheduling conditions. North American pilots are striving for better terms after witnessing significant gains in a recent deal with Delta Air Lines that resulted in a 34% pay increase over four years. In Canada, the pilots are calling for better scheduling and a pay raise to match the higher salaries earned by their U.S. counterparts.

WestJet, based in Calgary, has responded by stating that the carrier is seeking an agreement that remains competitive within Canada's airline industry.