LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Nexus Aviation Ventures has taken possession of MSN 2919, an A321-200 from 2006, marking the first of two aircraft earmarked for cargo conversion. 

The aircraft is set to be promptly transported to Xiamen, China, where it will undergo a passenger-to-freighter transformation with 321 Precision Conversions. MSN 2919 is Nexus Aviation Ventures' first aircraft, with availability for lease in the opening quarter of 2024.

Nexus is preparing to receive the second aircraft, a sibling to MSN 2919, in July 2023. This aircraft will also be subject to cargo conversion in Xiamen and will be ready for use in the second quarter of 2024. Kevin McCullough, President of Nexus Aviation Ventures, expressed his enthusiasm about the successful completion of this preliminary transaction and anticipated the continued expansion of the Nexus fleet.