SINGAPORE — Scoot, the budget subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, has chosen the Embraer E190-E2 as its aircraft of choice to spur its growth in the region. 

Scoot will lease nine E190-E2s from Azorra, with the first aircraft, known to be the quietest and most fuel-efficient under 150 seats, set for delivery in 2024. These planes will come from Azorra’s current backlog with Embraer.

Leslie Thng, the CEO of Scoot, expressed his enthusiasm for the new aircraft, noting, “By incorporating nine new E190-E2 aircraft into our fleet, we can maintain a modern, fuel-efficient fleet and implement our growth strategy, which includes serving less busy routes to non-metro destinations from Singapore.” He added that Scoot is excited to be the first Singaporean airline to operate the E2s, in partnership with Embraer.

Azorra’s CEO, John Evans, was also thrilled with Scoot's choice of the E2, stating, “Scoot’s selection of the E2 endorses Embraer’s E2 product line and the crossover segment. As Scoot adds E2s to their fleet, they become the first Singapore-based airline to operate crossover aircraft, reflecting a global trend among operators to rationalize capacity.”

Arjan Meijer, CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation, welcomed Scoot as the first major regional operator of the E2. He stated, “Our APAC team in Singapore is proud to aid the airline in enhancing connectivity and regional growth, supporting the further expansion of its Singapore hub. This is the value the E2 brings to airlines - complementing larger narrowbodies to grow and maintain networks. Passengers will relish the unique comfort of Embraer’s signature two by two seat arrangement and modern interior. Preparations for the aircraft’s entry into service are already underway.”

The E190-E2 is part of Embraer’s newest E-Jets E2 family of commercial aircraft that debuted in 2018. Carriers like KLM, Porter, and Azul operate the E-Jets E2 family of planes, and new operators like Royal Jordanian, Salam Air, and TUI were recently announced.