WASHINGTON — Boeing is seeking permission to install mini-suites on its 737 MAX range, akin to those already approved for other aircraft types. The aerospace company plans to incorporate up to 32 suites, each with its own privacy door, across the MAX 7 to MAX 10 models. 

Boeing has submitted a request to the FAA for exemption from rules that forbid the installation of doors between passenger seats and emergency exits.

The demand for privacy suites has grown in long-haul premium cabins, and the increasing range of single-aisle jets has spurred the development of similar products for these models. Airbus previously filed a regulatory request with the FAA for permission to install mini-suites on A321neos for a US operator.

Although Airbus acknowledged that there could be debate regarding whether the mini-suites' sliding privacy doors constitute a door as defined by the prohibition, it justified the installations by outlining various safety features. These include frangibility and the requirement for doors to remain open during taxiing, takeoff, and landing, ensuring unobstructed evacuation.

Middle Eastern airline Flydubai recently revealed its intention to offer mini-suites for business-class passengers on its 737 MAX jets. The carrier plans to initially install the mini-suites on a limited number of planes by early 2024.