BERN, SWITZERLAND — The Lufthansa Group subsidiary SWISS International Airlines plans to test artificial intelligence for managing passenger counts during boarding.

From April to June, select flights will be equipped with a camera system to record the boarding process and digitally count passengers.

The airline aims to alleviate cabin crew workload and enhance security through this approach.

During the three-month experiment conducted with an external partner, the artificial intelligence application will be trained based on the boarding process.

The carrier explains that the system should be capable of differentiating between passengers carrying infants and functioning impeccably under difficult lighting conditions.

Throughout the trial, results will be continually assessed to refine the AI's accuracy. Manual passenger counts by cabin crew will still be performed during the trial.

Passengers on affected flights will be informed about the trial before boarding, according to the carrier. The system will only capture video without audio, and passenger identities will remain anonymous.

SWISS underscores its commitment to data protection and adherence to Swiss security laws, ensuring that the information will be deleted after processing.

After evaluating the trial outcomes, SWISS will decide on the next steps, including the potential implementation of the system.