MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Belarusian flag-carrier Belavia has received approval from Russian authorities to provide maintenance services for Russian-registered aircraft. 

The authorization, granted by Russia's federal aviation regulator Rosaviatsia after an audit, confirms Belavia's compliance with Russian maintenance requirements.

Belavia has a dedicated servicing division and offers a wide array of aircraft maintenance capabilities. The airline will be able to perform line and base maintenance on Russian fleets and service various components. Belavia's general director, Igor Cherginets, highlights the certification as a testament to the professionalism of the airline's engineering and technical staff and the high-quality work of its aviation technical base.

Belavia operates a Western-built fleet that includes Boeing 737s as well as Embraer and Bombardier regional jets. The carrier previously received approval from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency to service Western aircraft models, such as 737s and CRJs. Russian airlines have experienced restrictions on access to European airports and aircraft component supplies due to sanctions imposed in response to the Russia - Ukraine conflict.