DUBLIN, IRELAND — The southern runway at Dublin Airport was sclosed to operations on April 9 following an incident involving a Ryanair plane.

The airport's operator, DAA, announced a complete emergency when the aircraft, arriving from Liverpool around 5:30 pm, encountered an issue with its front landing gear.

In a statement, DAA said, "Dublin Airport declared a full emergency this afternoon as Ryanair flight FR5542 from Liverpool arrived. The Dublin Airport Fire Service reacted, and once the Airport Fire Officer gave the all-clear, passengers left the aircraft as usual."

No injuries were reported, but one individual received treatment for shock. National Ambulance Service staff and medical professionals greeted passengers inside the terminal upon arrival.

The statement mentioned that flights into the airport were halted during the incident.

"The southern runway remains closed, and only the northern runway is in use tonight due to the emergency," the statement further explained.

A Ryanair spokesperson stated that the plane had encountered "a minor technical issue with its nose landing gear upon landing."

He added, "Passengers and crew disembarked normally, and the aircraft will soon be moved to the hangar for further examination by Ryanair engineers."