TOULOUSE, FRANCE — Airbus is set to revamp the cockpit displays for over 100 A320 aircraft operated by American Airlines. The airline will equip the twinjets with liquid-crystal displays and new display computers. 

Airbus will implement the advanced EEIS2 instrument system, replacing the old cathode-ray tube technology with lighter avionics. Each cockpit will feature six displays, including primary flight and navigation displays for each pilot and central engine and system displays.

The retrofit program will also involve replacing the three display-management computers located in the avionics bay, responsible for acquiring and processing signals from sensors and other aircraft computers to generate images on the cockpit displays. Each computer can drive one primary display, one navigation display, and one of the two central displays.

French aerospace electronics company Thales will manufacture the EEIS2 equipment, which Airbus will integrate into the American aircraft. According to Airbus, the high-resolution system retrofit will enhance information displays for pilots and introduce new features and capabilities. The program will also maximize fleet commonality, significantly reduce maintenance expenses, and save 50kg of weight per aircraft.

American Airlines' mainline fleet comprises nearly 400 A320 Family aircraft, including 218 A321s, 133 A319s, and 48 A320s, as well as 68 re-engined A321neos. The upgrade will apply to over 100 earlier-generation models in the carrier's fleet.