LINCOLN, NEBRASKA — Red Way, a new discount charter carrier, is set to launch flights from Lincoln, Nebraska to seven US cities starting June 8, offering customers an affordable and flexible travel experience.

The airline will operate a fleet of multi-class Airbus A320s and A321s, provided by Miami-based charter carrier Global Crossing Airlines (GlobalX). Red Way's commitment to cost-efficiency enables them to present passengers with a choice between basic economy and premium options, including perks such as extra legroom and baggage allowance.

In-flight food and beverages will be available for purchase, enhancing the travel experience for passengers. The specific number of narrowbody jets that GlobalX will operate for Red Way is yet to be disclosed. The flights will be public charters, serving cities like Orlando, Las Vegas, Dallas Fort Worth, Nashville, Austin, Atlanta, and Minneapolis.

By utilizing the Part 380 operations model, Red Way aims to offer seasonal flexibility and simplified operations. With a strong focus on community engagement, the airline anticipates making a positive economic impact in Lincoln and the surrounding areas.

Lincoln Airport Authority's Executive Director, David Haring, sees the expanded air service as an opportunity not just for the airport and community, but also for the state. He acknowledges past successes, such as Delta Air Lines' flights between Lincoln and Atlanta, and United Airlines' operations to Houston, but notes that these have been limited. Lincoln has experienced the effects of a nationwide capacity shortage that disproportionately impacts airports of its size.

Despite these challenges, Ed Wegel, GlobalX's CEO, believes that Lincoln's growth is indicative of a promising air service network. Red Way's flights are scheduled to begin on June 8, with additional destinations to be introduced through June 24.