TOULOUSE, FRANCE — The German flag carrier Lufthansa has committed to expanding its fleet with 15 of the latest generation of Airbus A350 widebody aircraft.

These aircraft are expected to offer significantly reduced fuel consumption and emissions compared to the previous generation, as well as enhanced passenger amenities and comfort.

The two companies have also signed a Memorandum Of Understanding that will see an increased use of sustainable aviation fuels, optimization of operations, and exploring the use of hydrogen.

"We are honored to see Lufthansa topping up its A350 order book to a total of 60 aircraft, joining the increasing number of A350-1000 customers around the world. With economic and sustainability pressures becoming a measurable reality as international flying increases again, so do the massive advantages of the A350 as the only clean sheet design and therefore the most efficient solution," said Christian Scherer, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer and Head of International.

“By adding the largest A350 family member to its fleet, Lufthansa will benefit from Airbus’ full fleet commonality, offering unmatched operational flexibility and vast economic benefits,” Scherer added.

Lufthansa Group has further strengthened its long-term partnership with Airbus, having placed a new order. Lufthansa has a history of flying Airbus models, starting with the A300 in the 1970s, and now includes the A220, A320-Family, A330/A340, A350, and A380.

As of January 2023, the A350 Family secured a total of 925 orders from 54 customers all over the world, a success that puts it among the most successful widebody aircraft in history.

Lufthansa currently operates 22 Airbus A350-900 aircraft, the shorter variant of the A350XWB Family.