LONDON, UK — Loganair, a UK regional airline, has once again emphasized the necessity of permanently securing slots at London Heathrow Airport to enhance domestic connectivity, as the carrier announces its plans to expand operations at the busy hub by leasing more slots.

Late in 2021, Loganair commenced flights on the Heathrow-Isle of Man-Heathrow route, taking advantage of temporarily vacant slots at the London airport during the pandemic, which were later made permanent.

The airline has now gained access to 30 additional weekly slot-pairs at Heathrow through a leasing agreement with British Airways, set to begin in May. These slots will facilitate the expansion of regional connectivity from various UK domestic destinations to Heathrow. As a result, Loganair will be able to operate up to six daily weekday services. Further route details will be revealed in the near future.

Jonathan Hinkles, CEO of Loganair, expresses his delight at the airline's growth at Heathrow. He states that, having taken crucial initial steps to create new connections to and from the UK regions, it is now vital for the UK government to undertake the required actions to reform competition remedies and ensure Heathrow access for the UK regions.

Hinkles highlights the modifications to Heathrow's tariffs for regional aircraft operating on UK domestic routes, which became effective this year, as a fundamental aspect in securing the success of Loganair's plans at the airport.