WASHINGTON — The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a safety bulletin to all airlines on Wednesday, calling for increased caution at airports following a string of close calls on or around runways.

The safety notification requests carriers to strictly adhere to established processes and procedures. It also recommends "areas of focus" after recent events. The bulletin suggests using internal communication channels to draw attention to any existing issues, emphasizing adherence to rules such as checklists and Air Traffic Control instructions, training pilots and flight attendants about the concept of a "sterile flight deck" and the dangers of irrelevant communication, and reviewing protocols for runway safety.

The release of such broad FAA bulletins is uncommon, as demonstrated by the fact that this is only the second "Safety Alert for Operators" issued this year, with only three being released last year. These previous bulletins addressed specific airports or aircraft systems rather than providing a sweeping call to action.

The bulletin's release comes just one week after an emergency FAA safety summit, which was organized to address at least six notable runway incursions that have occurred at major US airports since the beginning of this year. The summit brought together industry groups and regulators to discuss potential solutions to improve aviation safety.

During the opening remarks of the emergency FAA safety summit, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg acknowledged a recent increase in aviation incidents and requested that all attendees assist in identifying the underlying causes of the issue.