SAO PAULO, BRAZIL — Despite challenges in its development, Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer remains dedicated to creating a new turboprop aircraft.

The project has been paused due to the unavailability of an eco-friendly and sustainable engine, but the company's commercial aircraft division insists they have not abandoned the endeavor.

Originally slated for a mid-2023 launch and 2028 delivery, the unofficially named E3 turboprop aircraft has faced delays due to suppliers not meeting necessary consumption, performance, and cost benchmarks. Arjan Meijer, head of Embraer's commercial aircraft division, emphasized that they simply need more time for the project and likened it to Sleeping Beauty awaiting revival.

With over 250 Letters of Intent from potential customers, Embraer has not set a new launch date for the next-generation turboprop but is determined to deliver a future-focused aircraft. This aircraft would be the first of its kind since the ATR 72's 1989 launch and could address growing demand in regional markets for cost-effective, smaller planes.

The postponement of the new-generation turboprop's launch signifies a roadblock in Embraer's product expansion plans as the aviation industry grapples with the challenge of finding sustainable engines.

Nevertheless, Embraer remains committed to sustainable aviation, working with potential suppliers to assess the project's feasibility and its potential to shape the future of eco-friendly aviation.