ATLANTA, GEORGIA — Delta Airlines has teamed up with Skyborne, a UK-based flight training academy, to establish a pilot training program aimed at producing qualified commercial pilots.

The program, set to commence in 2022, will offer students access to Delta's pilot career path program, which guarantees employment opportunities following the successful completion of the training.

The program will be based at Skyborne's training facility in Vero Beach, Florida, and is designed to equip aspiring pilots with the necessary knowledge and expertise to become proficient commercial pilots.

The program will provide aspiring pilots with the chance to apply for financial support of up to $20,000, aimed at attracting a more diverse set of candidates. However, the financial support will cover only a portion of the overall cost of obtaining the necessary pilot certificates.

After completing the flight training, successful candidates will be employed by Skyborne, where they will accrue 1,500 hours of flight time - a requirement for commercial pilots in the United States. Once they have met the flight time requirement, the candidates will be eligible to apply for first-officer positions at one of Delta's regional carrier partners.

The program aims to equip individuals with the skills and experience needed to become successful commercial pilots while also fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce.

In 2021, the UK-headquartered Skyborne airline academy opened its first US-based flight training center in Vero Beach, Florida.