TOULOUSE; FRANCE — After facing challenges due to the global pandemic and a complex economic and geopolitical landscape, ATR is poised for growth in 2023. Amid industry-wide supply chain difficulties, the company delivered 25 new and 11 pre-owned aircraft in 2022. 

The global ATR in-service fleet now approaches pre-Covid figures, with 1,200 aircraft in operation and a solid backlog of 160 aircraft.

In 2022, the Franco-Italian aircraft manufacturer enabled the creation of 150 new routes. Demonstrating its commitment to decarbonization, ATR carried out the first-ever 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) flight with a commercial aircraft. The company also saw its cutting-edge PW127XT engine certified and put into service. Concurrently, ATR progressed in the development of its aircraft family, completing the inaugural test flight of the ATR 42-600S (Short Take-Off and Landing) and initiating a feasibility study for its next-gen EVO concept. These accomplishments highlight ATR's dedication to connectivity, sustainability, and innovation.

Nathalie Tarnaud Laude, ATR Chief Executive Officer, stated that the objective for 2023 is to retain the company's status as the premier regional aircraft manufacturer by aiming for at least 40 deliveries and aspiring to increase production to 80 aircraft in the years ahead. ATR aircraft, boasting unbeatable economics, advanced technologies, and unparalleled environmental performance, provide customers the means to operate routes profitably in the face of inflation and energy uncertainties. ATR is driven by the belief that sustainable regional aviation can enhance lives worldwide, fostering crucial connections between communities and economies, which ultimately leads to increases in Gross Domestic Product and employment opportunities.

With travel restrictions lifted, ATR plans to capitalize on the high replacement demand – 1,500 turboprops over the next two decades –, penetrate underserved markets like the United States, expand its presence in the freighter market, and explore new avenues such as corporate, governmental, and humanitarian operations.

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