MONTREAL, CANADA — In a special event, Latvian airline operator airBaltic and the European planemaker Airbus revealed the Riga-based carrier's 40th A220-300 aircraft adorned in the colors of the Latvian flag. 

The event was a tribute to the longstanding partnership between Latvia and Canada.
Latvian airline airBaltic is set to welcome its 40th A220-300 aircraft, registered as YL-ABN, to its fleet in early April 2023. To commemorate this significant milestone, the airline will hold a special event in Riga, Latvia. This will mark the second A220-300 aircraft in airBaltic's fleet to showcase the patriotic Latvian flag livery.

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In a remarkable feat, airBaltic has transported almost 11 million passengers aboard its Airbus A220-300 aircraft. With over 126,000 flights and more than 275,000 block hours flown, the airline's A220-300 fleet has proven to be a reliable and efficient choice. Since May 2020, airBaltic has operated all of its flights using this single aircraft type, streamlining operations and reaping the benefits of the aircraft's enhanced efficiency.