WASHINGTON — The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) intends to impose a $1.15 million fine on United Airlines for failing to carry out required pre-flight inspections on the fire warning system of its Boeing 777s over a period of nearly three years.

In a notice addressed to United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby, the FAA claims that the airline has violated various safety regulations for the operation of commercial aircraft.

According to the FAA, United Airlines conducted 102,488 flights between June 29, 2018 and April 19, 2021, when a discrepancy was found by an FAA Air Safety Inspector. This period covers the time when a crucial pre-flight check was allegedly removed from the airline's checklist.

United Airlines has stated that it will examine the proposed fine from the FAA and respond appropriately. The airline has a 30-day window to reply to the accusations made by the U.S. regulator.