MOSCOW, RUSSIA — In an interview with a local news agency, Alexander Neradko, the Head of the Russian Federal Agency for Air Transport, stated that Western-made airliners used by Russian carriers can continue to "easily fly" until 2030 since work is done to maintain their airworthiness.

Neradko highlighted in his interview that the sanctions, including the ban on spare parts and maintenance supplies for western-made aircraft, have not impacted flight safety in Russia. He expressed confidence that flying has not become more dangerous, stating that the availability of original spare parts has no bearing on flight safety.

He also said the term 'cannibalization' should be left.

"It appeared at the behest of those who have never worked in civil aviation and who are unaware of the fact that the practice of interchanging serviceable spare parts from jet to jet has always been widespread, even during the Soviet times," Neradko claimed.

Following the launch of Russia's military campaign against Ukraine, the Western block gradually imposed comprehensive sanctions against Moscow, with a particular focus on Russian airlines.

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