PARIS, FRANCE — On Feb. 1st, Airbus and Qatar Airways announced that they had reached an agreement to resolve a dispute over A350 jets that had been grounded by Qatari carrier due to surface painting corrosion.

This settlement puts an end to an 18-month vendetta that had heated up the global aviation industry, avoiding a potentially damaging court trial in the UK.

An amicable and mutually acceptable resolution has been reached in a $2 billion disagreement regarding surface damage on long-haul jets, bringing an end to the dispute. The conflict resulted in Airbus losing billions of dollars worth of jet deals and prompted Qatar to increase its new aircraft orders from Airbus' American rival Boeing.

As per the new agreement, the canceled orders for 23 undelivered A350s and 50 A321neos will be reinstated. Airbus is also expected to pay several hundred million dollars to the Gulf carrier as part of the settlement and has been granted relief from other claims.

The financial details of the settlement were not made available to the public. Both Airbus and Qatar Airways stated that neither of them accepted any responsibility for the dispute. The companies committed to abandoning any claims against each other and moving forward as partners.

The settlement prevents what would have been an unprecedented public trial between two major players in the typically close-knit and secretive $150 billion aviation industry. Both Airbus and Qatar Airways had accumulated a combined $2 billion worth of claims and counter-claims in preparation for the trial, which was set to take place in June.