BANGALORE, INDIA — Boeing is ramping up its investments in India as it prepares for an anticipated significant order from Air India. To bolster support for airlines and improve logistics, the American aerospace giant plans to invest $24 million (2 billion rupees) in a logistics park and establish a nearby support center for airlines, according to Salil Gupta, Boeing India President.

In an interview during the Aero India exhibition in Bangalore, Gupta revealed plans to boost Boeing's presence in the country.

To start with, the logistics center will serve the local airlines before expanding its services to Boeing's broader network of clients in the region. The support center will be staffed with several dozen employees and offer technical workshops to enhance aircraft performance.

Additionally, the center will work alongside carriers and regulatory bodies to ensure airworthiness and efficient air traffic management. These initiatives aim to bolster Boeing's operational capabilities in the region and elevate the overall aviation experience for customers.

"India is one of the most competitive aviation and airline markets in the world, and we want to ensure that our airline customers here have the latest methodologies and technical capabilities to be able to compete not just within India but globally because many of them will be competing with the international markets," Gupta said.

Boeing recognizes the need for a more robust service network in the world's swiftest expanding aviation market, as the fleets of Indian carriers are expected to skyrocket nearly fourfold from 2019 to 2041, according to Boeing's estimates.

The American planemaker expects an order for around 290 aircraft from Air India. These orders include 190 737 MAX planes, with an option for 50 more, as well as 20 787 Dreamliners, another 20 as a potential top-up, and ten 777X jets.