ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — On Wednesday, Boeing announced a significant increase in its purchase of blended sustainable aviation fuel from Finnish oil refiner Neste Oyj.

The US planemaker has agreed to buy 5.6 million gallons of SAF to bolster its commercial operations this year. This purchase marks a more than twofold increase from its procurement in the previous year.

Under the agreement, Boeing will receive Neste's MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel, which is a blend of conventional jet fuel and sustainable aviation fuel in a 30/70 ratio. This renewable fuel is made from raw materials such as cooking oil and animal-fat waste.

Boeing intends to employ the 5.6 million gallons of blended sustainable aviation fuel at its ecoDemonstrator flight-test program and its commercial facilities located in Washington and South Carolina.

In addition, the company plans to generate emissions-reduction credits via a book-and-claim procedure, which will replace conventional jet fuel with sustainable fuel.

This move comes after Boeing's commitment in 2021 to supply commercial airplanes certified to fly on 100% sustainable aviation fuel by 2030. Boeing's efforts to use sustainable aviation fuel at its sites underscore its dedication to decreasing the aviation industry's environmental impact.