TOULOUSE, FRANCE — Airbus has announced its plans to deliver 720 commercial aircraft this year, a target that was initially set for 2022. This decision comes after supply-chain challenges led to a revision of the original plan.

However, the target for this year still falls short of the 863 commercial aircraft deliveries that the company accomplished in 2019, the year before the pandemic began.

Airbus has been working towards boosting its production rates following a reduction in demand caused by the pandemic. However, the company has been facing obstacles in its efforts to restore output, as the supply chain has been slow to recover. In the past year, the airframer managed to deliver 663 aircraft, although the official total stood at 661 after adjusting for two Aeroflot A350s that were unable to be delivered due to international sanctions.

Airbus managed to surpass its previous year's delivery total, achieving 663 deliveries, compared to the 611 delivered in 2021. This accomplishment was reflected in a 15% increase in its full-year commercial aircraft revenues, totaling €41.4 billion ($44.3 billion).

During its full-year results briefing on February 16, Airbus disclosed that its adjusted earnings for the commercial aircraft sector also increased by 29%, amounting to €4.6 billion. The company credited the improvement in performance not only to the higher number of deliveries but also to the strengthening of the US dollar.