TOKYO, JAPAN — Zipair Tokyo, a Japan-based long-haul, low-cost airline, has announced that it would use SpaceX's Starlink service to supply in-flight internet access to its passengers. The Japanese carrier became the first airline operator in the Asia-Pacific region to offer it.

Once the integration is complete, Zipair passengers will have seamless access to Starlink's fast and responsive network during their flight, allowing them to participate in real-time video calls, watch videos, and play games.

Starlink provides global internet coverage through a network of satellites in low-Earth orbit. Zipair and SpaceX are currently undergoing an engineering evaluation and certification process for the integration of Starlink.

Zipair, which began operations on June 3, 2020, operates a fleet of four Boeing 787-8 aircraft and has eight more on order. The airline, based at Tokyo Narita Airport, offers flights to Bangkok, Honolulu, Los Angeles, San Jose, Singapore, and Seoul.