FRANKFURT, GERMANY — The German flag carrier Lufthansa has confirmed plans to bring back the Airbus A380, with the first destinations for the aircraft being in the United States.

According to a Lufthansa spokesperson, the airline will be stationing three A380s at its hub in Munich starting in June, with the initial destinations being New York-JFK, Boston, and Los Angeles.

In preparation for the return to commercial service, Lufthansa has scheduled training flights with the A380 in Hanover and Leipzig in May. The airline will be returning six of its 14 A380s to the service while keeping the remaining eight in storage in Teruel, Spain. Lufthansa is currently discussing the possibility of reactivating those remaining eight A380s as well.

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Along with the A380s, Lufthansa will also be reintroducing all 10 of its remaining A340-600s in the summer season. The carrier had previously confirmed the reactivation of five A340-600s for Munich, with an additional five returning to the Frankfurt hub.

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