ROME, ITALY — The new Italian flag carrier ITA Airways plans to introduce the Airbus A320neo in January, following the completion of painting for the airline's first aircraft of that type.

ITA Airways, which started operating as a replacement for Alitalia in October 2021, has already introduced Airbus A220s and A350s as part of its fleet renewal plan that focuses on Airbus aircraft.

The airline has released photos of its first Airbus A320neo after it was painted in the company's colors at Shannon airport in Ireland. The new Italian operator has 14 A320neos and nine A321neos on order with the European aircraft manufacturer.

ITA Airways started its operations with former Alitalia planes. The company plans to add 39 new aircraft to its fleet this year as part of its ongoing fleet renewal process. These include its first Airbus A330-900, of which it expects to receive nine copies this year.