TOULOUSE, FRANCE — According to industry sources, Airbus has scaled back its planned production increases due to limited engine availability for new airplane production.

The European planemaker, which previously lowered its output goals, now anticipates reaching an interim production goal of 65 single-aisle jets per month in late 2024 and an utmost target of 75 units per month in 2026, months later than its previously planned timeframe.

A slower recovery would give Airbus' suppliers time to recover and better prepare for a catch-up in the middle of the decade after experiencing disruptions due to the pandemic.

Industry sources have indicated that Airbus is taking a cautious approach, with a delivery goal for 2023 potentially not surpassing the 720 units originally planned for 2022, which was later abandoned in December. However, one source has suggested that there is still potential for a slight increase in delivery numbers.

In 2022, Airbus delivered 661 jets, slightly lower than expected. Engine manufacturers are currently facing challenges in meeting the increased demand for engines from aircraft manufacturers.

Even with engine manufacturers ramping up production, industry experts make less optimistic projections for the availability of engines for new plane production.

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In December, Airbus maintained its interim goal of producing 65 A320neo-family jets per month but did not provide a specific date for when this would be achieved. Additionally, it has extended the deadline for reaching its ultimate target of producing 75 A320neo-family jets per month to the "middle of the decade" instead of 2025.