TOULOUSE, FRANCE — A brand-new Airbus A330neo jet prepared for delivery to the German leisure carrier Condor has suffered minor damages to its right wing after colliding with a building while being towed at the manufacturer's Toulouse plant.

Following the collision, local plane spotters reported that fuel was pouring out onto the floor where the accident occurred, prompting emergency response teams to quickly take action to prevent the outbreak of a fire in the area.

At this point, it is still not clear how long it would take to fully repair and replace any necessary parts or components that were damaged. Condor was planning to introduce the aircraft on December 18th. It seems that the accident may, unfortunately, result in a delay to the aircraft’s planned entry into service with the airline.

The A330neo (MSN 1966), which had damage to the winglet, is still under the care of Airbus because it has not been delivered to Condor. At the moment, it cannot be ruled out that there will be a delay in its delivery. The incident is being investigated, and there is no conclusive information yet, a Condor spokesperson said.