SAO PAULO, BRAZIL — The Brazilian budget airline Azul Linhas Aéreas selects Airbus' Flight Hour Maintenance Services (FHS) for their brand new A350 fleet. Azul isn't new to FHS. The airline was Airbus's first FHS customer in Latin America when it selected component services provision for its A320 fleet, later extending it to encompass its entire A320 and A330 fleets.

This time, Azul will bring another first for Airbus Services in Latin America, penning the region's first A350 maintenance-by-the-hour contract. It also represents the second A350 contract signed in 2022. The multi-year, maintenance-by-the-hour contract signed by Azul covers integrated component services, including on-site stock, pool access, and repair services. The airline will also benefit from Airbus' engineering expertise and FHS local representatives in Brazil.

"Entering into this new agreement with Airbus for FHS services is instrumental for Azul to ensure timely access to a wide variety of components coupled with a comprehensive package of support and services. Ultimately, this agreement will directly contribute to our rigorous fleet reliability and performance requirements," said Raphael Linares, Fleet and Aircraft Programs Director at Azul.

"The entire Airbus fleet of Azul Brazilian Airlines is now supported by Airbus FHS; covering the airline's new A350 fleet was the next logical step to ensure a seamless customer experience and facilitate their operations," said Yohan Closs, Airbus Head of Customer Services for Latin America.