TOULOUSE, FRANCE — Airbus is further expanding its network of customers for Airbus’ Evidence-Based Training (EBT) Recurrent training service. Long-standing Airbus customer Air Caraïbes, operating under french regulations and with its main base in Guadeloupe, has signed an agreement for recurrent training for its A330 and A350 flight crews.

This new agreement is the latest milestone in the seven-year-long Airbus Air Caraïbes partnership, building upon the previous simulator agreement and pilot/instructor operations training as well as in-flight instructor services. This partnership is founded on an exchange of each party’s expertise and operational experience.

“We are extremely pleased to have Air Caraïbes onboard as our launch customer in Europe and the Caribbean with this new agreement covering the training of its pilots,” said Charbel Youzkatli, Head of Commercial Services Europe.

“Air Caraïbes is not only operating the most modern fleet of aircraft with A350-900 and A350-1000, it is also at the forefront of establishing the most advanced training standards for its flight crews; an important pillar when it comes to further increase efficiency and sustainability of operations.”

The new flight training concept will enable airlines to incorporate operational and training data in order to adapt training programs for technical and non-technical skills.

EBT is currently being offered as an option to customers as an alternative to Recurrent Training & Checking (RTC) for pilots -traditionally a method that is oriented towards tasks and task-based training and assessment, or as an enhancement to CBTA- a technique that has been well implemented across the aviation industry since its launch by ICAO in the 2000s- that focuses on assessing the pilots’ performance, developing specific pilot competencies and providing pilots with targeted individual training needs, such as decision making and workload management.

A New Trend in Flight Training

In addition to this, EBT also addresses new regulations that are being recommended/made mandatory by Airworthiness Authorities around the world in acknowledgment of the innovations in aircraft technology and developments in aircraft operations that pilots are being faced with.

The Airbus EBT Service is a flexible training solution for customers, as the training can be done by the airline. It does not have to physically take place in a Training Centre.

Airbus has been offering training courses since its creation some 50 years ago and has always taken a comprehensive and innovative approach via its unique cockpit commonality concept and the regular introduction of the latest technologies or learning concepts.

The Airbus (flight and maintenance) training network currently counts 18 locations, plus 2 flight schools, around the world. This extensive global network enables Airbus to offer a complete flight training package, allowing its customers to benefit from its training expertise closer to their home base.