TOULOUSE, FRANCE — The ultra-low-cost Mexican airline Volaris has signed an agreement with Airbus on the adoption of Skywise Health Monitoring (SHM) as its fleet performance tool.

The airline is currently operating an all-Airbus fleet of 116 A320 Family aircraft.

Using the power of the Skywise aviation data platform, Skywise Health Monitoring collates and centralizes maintenance warnings and alerts in real-time. SHM can correlate alerts and indicate if they are related. With each event, a history of recent flights enables the identification of repetitive incidents, and the system also provides a full view of related technical documentation. Monitoring in real-time helps ground staff make appropriate decisions based on criticality, logistics, and upcoming maintenance checks and, if necessary, prepare for repairs and replacements before the aircraft has even landed.

“By using SHM, Volaris will benefit from all the advantages the platform offers to optimize maintenance operations with a focus on unscheduled maintenance. Skywise Health Monitoring saves airlines time and decreases the cost of unscheduled maintenance thanks to data-driven decisions,” said David Marty, Head of Airbus Digital Solutions Sales and Marketing.

"In addition to these data-driven benefits, safety plays a key role, as it is our permanent and unwavering commitment in every operation," said Holger Blankenstein, Executive Vice President of Volaris Airlines.