ARLINGTON, TEXAS — The American electric-aircraft manufacturer Aircraft announced that German EVIA AERO, which is establishing a sustainable regional airline, has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) for 25 all-electric commuter Alice aircraft.

The airline intends to enter into service with Alice as its primary aircraft for point-to-point, sustainable regional travel within Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, and the Netherlands. The deal follows Eviation's historic first flight of the Eviation Alice on 27 September 2022.

Eviation's Alice is a nine-passenger electric aircraft, and it is also the only flight-proven all-electric commuter aircraft of this size. Built from a clean-sheet design around magniX's industry-leading electric propulsion system, Alice produces zero carbon emissions and costs a fraction to operate per flight hour compared to light jets or high-end turboprops – thereby providing the opportunity to activate more routes, improving the convenience of air travel.

EVIA AERO is a new market entrant focused on developing the electric aviation ecosystem, from electricity generation to flight operations. EVIA AERO will generate electricity regionally through photovoltaic power plants, supporting the energy framework intended to make the widespread deployment of electric aircraft a reality. The business model is designed to significantly improve the carbon footprint of airport infrastructure and re-energize less frequented routes by enabling air travel that is scalable, sustainable, and economically viable.

"Together with Eviation, a pioneer of electric flight, we will introduce a fleet of zero-emission aircraft that will transform the way we experience regional travel in Europe," said Florian Kruse, Founder, and CEO of EVIA AERO.

"We are deeply committed to holistically transforming the aviation industry by implementing a complete cycle of local energy generation, storage, and flight operations."

"As an early adopter of all-electric air travel and sustainable technologies, EVIA AERO shares Eviation's dedication to social responsibility," said Loic Questiaux, Sales Director, EMEA at Eviation.

"Eviation's Alice promises to transform commuting by air across Europe. Not only green and clean, but elegantly designed, and providing a smoother, quieter in-flight experience, the Alice will offer EVIA AERO passengers a new way to fly."

Alice is targeted at both commuter and cargo markets and will typically operate flights ranging up to 250 nautical miles. Travel by electric aircraft will help to revitalize regional communities, create new job opportunities within the aviation industry, and enable secondary airports to prosper with additional commuter traffic and lower operating costs.

"The creation of an all-electric European commuter fleet of Alice aircraft will advance an economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable future of flight," said Gregory Davis, President, and CEO of Eviation.

"EVIA AERO further showcases the commitment of German-based companies to revolutionize air travel. Together we can enable a future where electric air travel is the standard for the next generation."