ZURICH, SWITZERLAND — SWISS pilots will go on strike from mid-October if the airline does not improve their wages and working conditions. According to the pilots, the current pay increase offered by the carrier is insufficient, and the demand to create a better work-life balance has not been accepted.

Also, the partial conversion of the variable wage into a higher fixed wage when things go well for the airline does not go far enough, according to the Swiss pilots. The total value of the wage increase amounts to 60 million Swiss francs (62 million euros). On the other hand, the pilot unions are demanding an increase of 200 million Swiss francs (208 million euros).

There is currently no collective agreement as the previous deal expired in March this year. Since then, new negotiations have been going on, but they have not delivered anything.

With the strike threat, the union now expects a significantly improved offer from SWISS management. If this does not happen, strikes could take place from 17 October.