AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS — The Dutch regional aircraft lessor TrueNoord has completed the transition of a second Embraer E190 (MSN 1900099) to the Australian carrier Cobham Regional Services on a six-year operating lease. The aircraft was integrated into Cobham’s fleet in May and is already operating charter flights from its base in Perth.

The smooth transition of this E190 from TrueNoord’s previous lessee, Mandarin Airlines, was particularly challenging due to pandemic restrictions. “At the time, it was not possible to send inspectors to Taiwan without them having to quarantine for two weeks on arrival. We addressed this issue by hiring two experienced local consultants who sent daily reports, including many detailed pictures. We had frequent contact with them throughout the transaction,” Jack Bos, TrueNoord Technical Director, explained how the team dealt with these added complexities.

“Our local consultants monitored the borescope inspection of the engines, and APU on-site and videos of the inspections were also reviewed remotely by an experienced engine specialist. We also employed the services of a local pilot to observe the demonstration flight,” Bos added.

Cobham’s Business Development Director Tim Pirga said that Cobham is pleased to have received a second Embraer E190 from TrueNoord – which has now entered service and is supporting natural resources projects in Western Australia.

“The E190 is not only one of the most environmentally friendly jets in the world, it offers substantially better operational uplift performance, particularly in hot weather at regional ports such as in the Pilbara. It is also able to fly further distances compared to similar size aircraft. This reduces the need for additional fuel uplift in regional and remote locations and cuts CO2 emissions by up to 15 percent per trip,” Pirga added.

Cobham Regional Services acts as a critical link in the energy and resources sector, providing fly-in/fly-out (FIFO) services in support of mining, oil, and gas projects throughout Australia. The company also provides flexible, bespoke charter flights with a full range of service options to Australia’s city centers and regional destinations. Cobham has been investing in the future of FIFO by progressively renewing its fleet with modern aircraft that provide greater flexibility of rosters, suitability for regional aerodromes, increased reliability, and low carbon emissions.

“We are proud to be part of Cobham’s growth, as they continue to deliver vital services ensuring connectivity and safety across the country. This is our second aircraft in Australia with Cobham, further cementing our footprint in this important region as we steadily develop our presence in the Asia Pacific,” Carst Lindeboom, TrueNoord’s Sales Director for the Asia Pacific region concluded.