SALISBURY, MARYLAND — The American regional airline operator Piedmont Airlines will take delivery of 15 Embraer-145 aircraft starting in late summer. The additional aircraft will transfer from the American subsidiary, Envoy Air, over the next several months.

“Our Piedmont team’s outstanding performance throughout the pandemic period is being rewarded with a significant investment in the expansion and life of our fleet,” said Eric Morgan, Piedmont CEO.

“With a strong increase in pilot hiring, including a significant number of Direct Entry Captains, we are confident we can continue to staff and reliably operate an expanded fleet.”

In June, Piedmont and the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) agreed to a remarkable increase in pay for all pilots, as well as longevity credit for pilots who come to Piedmont from other airlines. The result was a 100% increase in new pilot applications and a 400% increase in direct entry captain applications.

“The goal of our strategy throughout the pandemic was to secure jobs, invest in our team members and add greater value to American Airlines,” added Morgan. “This major investment and transfer of 15 aircraft is confirmation that our strategy is working. (The Piedmont team) executed our plan well, delivering safety compliant, outstanding performance over the past two years. That performance is now being recognized.”

Piedmont serves small and mid-sized cities out of American hubs in Charlotte and Philadelphia, operating 250 flights per day. Piedmont last took delivery of an E145 in March of 2019.