AMSTERDAM, NETHERLAND — The Dutch commercial aircraft parts provider TDA has secured two additional Airbus A319s for part-out. The planes with factory serials MSN2184 and MSN 2245 are currently due for disassembly by aircraft part-out company eCube in St.Athan, Wales.

With these new disassemblies, TDA will have completed 24 A319 teardown projects since MSN1145 in 2016.

The disassembly process of MSN2245 has already started. MSN2184 will immediately follow MSN2245. All high-demand components will be removed from the aircraft, and they will be evaluated for possible repairs or modifications.

The planes come with some interesting items. MSN2245 and MSN2184 are both equipped with CIDS director units and ADSB-OUT. 2245's APU also has significant green-time left since its last overhaul was in 2019 and has only accumulated less than 2,000 cycles since then.

The majority of the parts will be shipped to the TDA's warehouses directly. The items requiring repairs or modifications will be shipped to the repair shop first.