CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — On May 11th, during the presentation of quarterly figures, Boeing said that the 737 MAX production slowed, and delivery delays occurred due to supply chain disruptions. American airframer also said it wouldn't expect this situation to affect its yearly production and delivery plans.

The cause of the current issue is shortages from multiple suppliers of a particular wiring connector, but overall, the company would be able to produce 31 jets per month as planned, Boeing CFO Brian West said.
"It's a reflection of a crazy supply chain world that we live in right now. It's fairly localized and isolated, but we have options, and we're working them hard."
West added.

West also said Boeing is preparing to resume 787 Dreamliner deliveries. The manufacturer suspended B787 deliveries in October 2020, and then briefly resumed from April to June last year before halting it again.

Boeing delivered 35 aircraft in April 2022, including 28 737 MAX jets. The company had delivered 41 aircraft in March.