DUBLIN, IRELAND — Dublin-based global aircraft lessor Goshawk has delivered its first aircraft to the German flag carrier Lufthansa, an Airbus A350-900. It is an exciting milestone for Goshawk as it opens a door for future partnerships with the German commercial aviation giant.

"Lufthansa represents an instantly recognizable brand in global aviation. As an airline synonymous with market-leading customer experience, Goshawk is delighted to embark on this relationship with its first aircraft lease. This initial transaction with Lufthansa demonstrates Goshawk's continued confidence in the global travel sector's ability to navigate challenges,"
Stephen Murphy, Head of Airline Marketing at Goshawk said.

Lufthansa currently operates 20 Airbus A350-900s while 26 aircraft of the same type are waiting to join the airline's fleet. Four aircraft will be taken over from Philippine Airlines, maintaining their original cabin configuration. Deliveries are planned until 2029 to replace the German operator's 17 Airbus A340-300 in the fleet.

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