TOULOUSE, FRANCE — Franco-Italian turboprop aircraft manufacturer announced its plans for the next generation of its best-selling family of regional aircraft by 2030, the ATR' EVO.

The plan foresees advanced design features and a new powerplant with the hybrid capability to offer customers the next generation of ATR aircraft. It will encompass innovative technologies to enable significant improvements in performance, economics, and sustainability.

Incorporating a new eco-design that includes new propellers and enhanced cabin and systems, it will remain a two-engine turboprop that can be powered by 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

According to ATR's Chief Executive Stefano Bortoli, ATR 'EVO' will pave the way toward a decarbonized future for aviation. Key benefits include a 20% overall fuel improvement and 100% SAF compatibility, which means that the aircraft will emit over 50% less CO2 than a regional jet when powered by kerosene. When using 100% SAF, its emissions will be close to zero.

In the coming months, the European regional planemaker will work with airlines, engine manufacturers, and systems providers to launch the program by 2023.