KYIV, UKRAINE — After the withdrawal of Russian forces from Hostomel located in the Northwest of Kyiv, the severity of the damage caused at the airport by Russian attacks was revealed in its entirety.

The Airport was surveyed by the Ukrainian aerospace company Antonov after Hostomel was taken under control by the Ukrainian defense forces.

Hostomel International Airport is owned by Antonov company and was used to serve as an international cargo hub and testing facility for aircraft developed and produced by the Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer.

The photos served by the Ukrainian authorities show that the tower, other ground facilities, and the airplanes in storage were largely destroyed.

An-225 Mriya, the world’s largest and the only aircraft of its kind, was destroyed during Russian airstrikes in early March. Besides An-225, destroyed heavy cargo aircraft include An-124 Ruslan -100 and -150 series, the world's second-largest cargo carrier after An-225.

The video below shows a destroyed An-124 Ruslan.