CHICAGO, ILLINOISUnited Airlines is still using Russian airspace for its flights although other major U.S. and global carriers have re-routed their flights away from Russia after the invasion of Ukraine.

United’s flyovers include routes connecting the U.S. and India. Flights from Newark, New Jersey, and San Francisco to New Delhi and Mumbai are continuing to fly over Russian airspace to reach their destinations.

“We are in frequent communication with the federal government on the issue,” said United spokeswoman Leslie Scott.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration banned U.S. airlines from flying over Belarus, Ukraine, and part of western Russia on Feb. 24, but has not issued any further restrictions.

Most of the European countries closed their airspace to Russian airline operators on Feb. 7, and Russia answered these restrictions with the reciprocity principle.

Although the European Union and Canada have banned Russian flights in their airspace, U.S. airspace remains open to flights from Russia. An Aeroflot landed in Miami on Feb. 27 according to FlightAware data.

The Russian flag carrier flies from Moscow to Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Washington, D.C.