MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Khanty-Mansiysk based Russian operator Utair Airlines has taken nine Boeing 737 aircraft out of service in compliance with a request by leasing companies and transferred its other 50 aircraft to the Russian registry, the airline said in a statement.

"The airline has transferred 50 airplanes to the domestic registry that operate flights on the Utair route network both domestically and abroad," according to the statement.

The carrier started transfer plans to the Russian registry last year.

"Previously, the airline decommissioned its entire fleet, which was under the operating lease - nine Boeing 737NG aircraft - in accordance with the requirements of the owners - lessors, concluded contracts, Russian and international legislation," Utair said.
The European Union on February 26 sanctioned exports, maintenance, and insurance for civilian aircraft and parts to Russia. The sanctions also order aircraft leasing companies to tear up existing contracts by the end of March.

The Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority last week provisionally suspended all Certificates of Airworthiness of Russian aircraft registered in Bermuda.

"International sanctions on the aviation sector have had a significant impact on the ability to sustain safety oversight on Russian operated aircraft on the Bermuda Aircraft Registry. The airworthiness system has been restricted to the point that the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority is unable to confidently approve these aircraft as being airworthy," the BCAA said.

A total of 1,367 aircraft are currently operated in Russia, 739 of them registered in foreign registries, Alina Malysheva, head of the department for legal support and legislative activity of the Russian Transport Ministry, has said. The consulting agency IBA said 745 aircraft of Russian carriers are registered in Bermuda.