ATLANTA, GEORGIA — Delta Air Lines announces a new program to build a more resilient, transparent, and effective supply chain.

Delta becomes the first U.S. airline to partner with EcoVadis, a provider of business sustainability ratings. This partnership marks Delta’s latest step in integrating its environmental, social, and governance goals across its entire business strategy.

EcoVadis provides tools and insights to help measure Delta’s value chain performance across the environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. As a result, these tools help bolster supplier collaboration and impact. Under the partnership, Ecovadis will provide an ESG ranking for every vendor in Delta’s global supply chain, allowing the company to accurately measure the impact of its supply chain, encourage vendors to take action to improve their scores, and identify potential new vendors with strong ESG rankings.
“Our values are at the core of everything we do, and that must include our global supply chain,”

said Heather Ostis, Delta’s Vice President of Supply Chain Management.

“We are continuously looking for ways to innovate and improve how we integrate environmental, social, and governance priorities with good vendor practices, touching every aspect of our business. EcoVadis gives us the tools we need to help enhance transparency at the forefront of our value chain with the goal of building resiliency, business performance, positive impact, and long-term value.”

The program represents the latest example of how Delta engages those who share its values and ambitions to help measure, monitor, and maximize transparency and impact at scale. Most critically, it will provide strong benchmarks and reporting to bolster the integration of environmental, social, and governance matters across the company’s business strategy.