SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — The U.S. planemaker Boeing reportedly prepares to increase the production of its Boeing 737 MAX Family jets to around 47 per month by the end of next year.

After cutting their production rates during the pandemic, Boeing and its European rival Airbus are now foreseeing more demand for their newer-generation single-aisle jets. But, skepticism in the industry community is already shadowing these forecasts over whether the suppliers will be able to meet the accelerated production plans of both manufacturers. The engine manufacturer Pratt and Whitney has recently said that it might not deliver 70 engines intended for Airbus in the first quarter of 2022 as previously planned.

Suppliers are working hard to cope with the labor and materials shortages and red bottom lines due to the pandemic and 737 MAXs' extended grounding of 20 months after two fatal crashes. Boeing is currently trying to clear an inventory of stored 335 737 MAX jets during the grounding. The American planemaker aims to deliver most of those planes by the end of 2023. In late January, Boeing's CFO Brian West said the company was producing 27 737 MAX aircraft per month and was on track to reach 31 units per month.

Boeing now targets to output around 38 single-aisle jets monthly during the first half of 2023, and reach about 47 jets per month in the second half of 2023.

Meanwhile, Rival Airbus has set catch a production rate of 65 A320neo family jets a month by the summer of 2023.