SINGAPORE — Singapore-based BOC Aviation Capital repossessed a Boeing 747-8 freighter jet leased to Russian operator AirBridgeCargo.

The aircraft has been flown to California from Hong Kong after a U.S. court's verdict dated March 29 allowed the company to reclaim its B747-8F.

More than 400 leased planes from foreign lessors are being held by Russian operators despite the March 28 deadline for contract cancellations over Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

According to the Russian news agency Interfax, 78 leased aircraft operated by Russian carriers had already been seized abroad.

On March 10, BOC Aviation Capital said that it had 18 aircraft leased to Russian carriers. The repossessed B747-8F is one of the three aircraft of the same type leased to Volga-Dnepr subsidiary AirBridgeCargo. The other two planes have still been operated by the Russian freighter specialist between Russia and China despite the warnings made by the owner.

One of these planes continued its flights although its airworthiness certificate was suspended by Bermuda, the registry location of the freighter jet, BOC Aviation said.